Casting Light Blog Hop!

A Blog Hop of one day only will be held on : December 21st 2013 – the longest night.
(well, in the northern hemisphere, anyway!)
It will be entitled : Casting Light Upon the Darkness 
I’m looking forward to taking part and must go away and think of something entirely appropriate to write about. Maybe I need to shed light myself by having a bright ‘light bulb moment’! Or maybe I’ll be entirely practical and just shed light on a dark moment.

Thanks to Helen Hollick for the idea for the Hop and for this blog post!

The theme will be shedding light on something puzzling or unknown…


For information on what a Blog Hop is click here 

List of participants so far and this will be added to…
  1. Helen Hollick Let Us Talk of Many Things…
  2. Debra Brown
  3. Prue Batten (here I am)
  4. Alison Morton
  5. Anna Belfrage
  6. Beth Elliott
  7. Melanie Spiller
  8. Janet Reedman
  9. Petrea Burchard
  10. Rachel Malone
  11. Richard Denning
  12. Pauline Barclay
  13. Dave McCall
  14. David Pilling
  15. Debbie Young    A story about the Solstice
  16. Derek Birks
  17. Mark Patton
  18. Tim Hodkinson
  19. Sarah Shaw Tatoun
  20. Wendy Percival
  21. Judy Ridgeley
  22. Suzanne McLeod
  23. Katherine Ashe sdemontfort.blogspot
  24. Katherine Bone
  25. Christina Courtenay
  26. Edward James  http://busywords.wordpress. com
  27. Janis Pegrum Smith,
  28. Alison Stuart