A former journalist from Australia who graduated with majors in history and politics, I’m now a cross genre writer who is also a farmer, dog owner, gardener and embroiderer.

I didn’t plan to be a writer in those early days, I was far more a reader. But like most writers, I’ve always written – seeing the world through the medium of the word. It was inevitable that I become an independent writer simply because I love being at the cutting edge of something and together with many other ‘indies’, being at the forefront of the New Age of Writing and Publishing is like being a sea captain in the Age of Exploration. And I’ve been fortunate – winning gold medals, silver medals and honourable mentions for my work and to have them ranking unbroken in the UK for their entire published life!

I try to make time for other things in life. I love wine, chocolate and cooking delectable cakes and biscuits. I mess about in my gardens, dirt under the fingernails and a plant catalogue alongside a cup of tea. I stitch (I love needle and silks) – to wind down. I walk (a lot) with the Jack Russells but more than anything, I like being on beaches, boats or the water – being by the sea is implicit for my writing to sing.


Prue Batten


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Be in it to win it…


First time ever!!!


To celebrate the paperback releases of THE GISBORNE TRILOGY and TOBIAS!

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Guillaume d’Anjou unplugged…

I met Guillaume d’Anjou two years ago, when he arrived in Venice after searching for his half-brother, Guy of Gisborne. He was a quiet man, obviously worn down physically and mentally by the Third Crusade. But within the Gisborne house, he was nurtured by the family and presently became someone of great import in their daily existence.

Lately he has been sent to Lyon on behalf of Gisborne, to take up a position as the head of the merchant business of de Clochard, after the sad demise of its founder, Jehan de Clochard. Despite his retiring and dour manner, he appears to have courted trouble in his life and appears now to be courting it in Lyon.


He interests me and I asked him if he would allow me to interview him. He was surprised but decided it would be good for de Clochard’s friends, and their enemies to understand what he is like. He tells me that de Clochard was almost consumed by a not-so-accidental fire recently…



PB: Guillaume de Guisborne, we know you are from Anjou but you are something of an enigma. Perhaps you can divulge a little more for us. What kind of childhood did you have?

(Guillaume’s toe begins to tap the floor at this first question and he looks into the middle distance. I wait…)

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The Seventh Day…

The Seventh Day, the seventh anything really, is rather magical, like the seventh wave which introduces one to something mythical, or the seventh door being an opening to the fey.

Today is the seventh day of my new life – that’s what I tell myself anyway…

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The Cross and the Curse, Cornwell and other things…

Matthew Harffy exploded onto the writing scene last year with The Serpent Sword, Book One of the Bernicia Chronicles. His books have had vast accolades and he has been compared with the iconic Bernard Cornwell, a tag he wears with humility. He writes about a violent and oft-misunderstood time in British history and I wanted to get behind the man and perhaps even a little behind the timeframe as Matthew sees it…

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