In a past life, I was a journalist/researcher who originally graduated with majors in history and politics from the University of Tasmania. But I’m now a cross genre writer who is also a farm-partner, dog owner, gardener, embroiderer and chief cook and bottle washer.

I’ve been fortunate – winning gold medals, silver medals and honourable mentions, a few samples of which are illustrated below. My list has also ranked almost unbroken in varying categories on Amazon.co.uk’s Top 100 e-books for almost its entire published life – in some cases, three years. That fact makes me pinch myself in disbelief quite often!

As a writer, I’ve been featured periodically in the Huffington Post and been interviewed on radio a number of times by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In addition, I have a wonderful collaborative relationship with Bopress Miniature Books in the USA, writing short stories for miniature publications that are highly prized by collectors the world over. Also, in the future I look forward to collaborations with some of the most exciting writers – something we have chatted about frequently. Gone are the days of writing in isolation!

Perhaps not so healthily, I like wine, chocolate and cooking sweet things for the family. I mess about in my gardens where my mind switches to neutral and where I have dirt under the fingernails. I embroider to wind down and I walk with my Jack Russell because we both love being outdoors. If I’m truly obsessive about anything at all apart from chocolate, it’s an inherent need to be near the sea. I think I just may have been a sea spirit in a past life…



Prue Batten


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True Grit…

Today, 27th November, would have been my mum’s 91st birthday.

And even though she has been gone for over a year and is now the sparkliest, brightest star in the heavens, we will still celebrate because she was so important to our whole family…

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Inspired marketing…

I was listening to a well-known Australian writer on the radio this afternoon.

She was talking about her latest release – a story taking place in WWI. Woven into the story is a tin of chocolate.

This writer is adept at marketing and promotion. To entice readers to her Meets and Greets, she had a chocolate made by an Australian chocolatier to give to trusty fans. And to make it even more special, the chocolate is blended with blackberry which is the name of the heroine’s horse.

And in a previous novel about perfume, WWI and France, she had a special French perfume blended and readers were invited to buy the limited edition.

Inspired marketing? Yes, I believe it’s very clever…

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Sometimes it’s nice to go Missing in Action.

To just take off somewhere and breathe deep.

My husband and I did that today. Told no one where we were going.

Not even the kids…

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Books In Print…

 And not the BIP that all we who are/were librarians have used!


 When my books are in print, these are the agencies through which they are distributed via the world’s biggest printing agency – IngramSpark (Lightning Source).

It is possible to go to any of those retailers with the ISBN of the book concerned, place an order and the book can be ordered…

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A Time of Firsts…

Earlier this year, I was heavily involved in a protest against salmon farming.


The group to which I belonged was endeavouring to stop a private company and the Liberal Government of Tasmania from placing 28 high density pens off a the popular east coast.

Because of private commitments, I had to leave the organisational wing of the group but not before I and many others had been subjected to attacks on social media by our detractors.


I had cause to reflect that whilst they hit us round the head with so-called scientific evidence that all was clean and green (to be refuted tonight by the ABC Four Corners programme 8.30PM Australian Eastern Summertime and refuted numerous times over by leading newspapers like The Australian), there were those of us who merely want to keep the east coast as it is. Currently, apart from low key shellfish farms, it is an uncluttered pathway to a stupendous island which is designated world heritage…

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