A former journalist from Australia who graduated with majors in history and politics, Prue has worked as a hotel cleaner, a cosmetician in a major department store, a tour guide and a bookseller. But most properly, she has been a journalist/researcher for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She is now a cross genre writer who enjoys creating fiction from history and fantasy.

Her eighth novel, Tobias, was short-listed as a semi-finalist in the 2016 M. M. Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction and won a gold medal from the coveted Book Readers Appreciation Group Awards (USA) for 2016.

Her historical fantasy novel, A Thousand Glass Flowers, won a silver medal in the 2012 Readers’ Favorite Awards (USA) in the fantasy genre. Her historical fantasy quartet, The Chronicles of Eirie, has ranked in Amazon.co.uk’s e-book Top 100 in varying categories for over six years and continues to do so.

She is regularly commissioned to write short stories for a miniature book press in the United States, where the narratives are bespoke-bound and illustrated, to be purchased by miniature book collectors across the globe.

She is also a farming partner, dog owner, gardener, embroiderer, swimmer and kayaker and claims that her major fault is that she likes wine, chocolate and cooking sweet things for the family far too much.


Prue Batten


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From the Blog

Winters’ Edge…

My involvement with the beautifully crafted Winters’ Edge Anthology came late, courtesy of my friend, Paul Murphy. He and I belong to a group called Inkslingers Veterans, where anthologies are written to raise money for cancer research. (See Tales from a Carboot Sale, Historical Tales etc on Amazon)

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Bleak House, the Orkneys and Desert Island Books…

I first met Ann Swinfen a few years ago.

I had been an indie author for some four years and she had been a mainstream author but was considering the indie path and she contacted me for advice and information. Since then she has scorched a path with frequent releases in print and e-pub and recently began to tread the path of audiobooks. She is an elegant writer, knowledgable of her field and now has a dedicated following. I asked Ann to cast herself away and let us know what she would read whilst so isolated…

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Desert Islands and Castles of Dreams…

I first met Sharon Bennett Connolly through The Review on Facebook – just quiet interactions that always left a positive mark behind. But most lately – she has been trailblazing! Her book, Heroines of the Medieval World, is acquiring rave reviews and fully endorses her blog which she entitles ‘History – the Interesting Bits.’


And that’s the thing, isn’t it? History ‘can’ be boring, overdone and heavy but Sharon takes the truly interesting facts and runs with them, injecting light and life into what ‘could’ be a crusty subject. It’s therefore with interest that I see she has become castaway on Bodiam Castle! And yes, it is surrounded by water, therefore an island, so why not? Sharon, you book list intrigues.

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The Sum of Us…

I’ve just been reading my cousin’s biography.

Nick Riewoldt is the well-known and well-regarded ex Saint Kilda player (football on a par with soccer in Australia, an iconic game) and Allen & Unwin released his autobiography earlier this month after his retirement

Nick’s young. Close to my son’s age.

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An Irish Castaway…

Catherine Kullman’s opening description of Ireland caught my attention when I realised that Tasmania, the tiny island on which I live, a state of Australia and to the south of the mainland continent, is actually larger than her whole country. Like Catherine, I live on the fragrance of the sea and its many moods. It was with interest that I read her choices of books for her castaway time. Even more intrigued when at the end, she eschewed Ireland for somewhere quite remote…

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Dior and me…

What prompts an historical fiction/fantasy writer to want to see the Dior Exhibition?

Silks, satins, embellishments of beads and gold thread. It’s that simple…

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