A former journalist from Australia who graduated with majors in history and politics, Prue has worked as a hotel cleaner, a cosmetician in a major department store, a tour guide and a bookseller. But most properly, she has been a journalist/researcher for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She is now a cross genre writer who enjoys creating fiction from history and fantasy.

Her eighth novel, Tobias, was short-listed as a semi-finalist in the 2016 M. M. Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction and won a gold medal from the coveted Book Readers Appreciation Group Awards (USA) for 2016.

Her historical fantasy novel, A Thousand Glass Flowers, won a silver medal in the 2012 Readers’ Favorite Awards (USA) in the fantasy genre. Her historical fantasy quartet, The Chronicles of Eirie, has ranked in Amazon.co.uk’s e-book Top 100 in varying categories for over six years and continues to do so.

She is regularly commissioned to write short stories for a miniature book press in the United States, where the narratives are bespoke-bound and illustrated, to be purchased by miniature book collectors across the globe.

She is also a farming partner, dog owner, gardener, embroiderer, swimmer and kayaker and claims that her major fault is that she likes wine, chocolate and cooking sweet things for the family far too much.

Prue Batten


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Life in Isolation…

As we move into the very early stages of freeing up of Lockdown, I’ve had pause to reflect on what this time has meant for me.

In typical Pollyanna fashion, I’m looking for the prism of light.

To be honest, it’s been all of that.

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The perils of Lockdown…

There’s been a lot of talk about the effects of Lockdown and the seriousness of confinement and lack of socialisation amongst adults and children alike.

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SoS 9/5/20

Here we are again! It’s astonishing to think how quickly the week goes as one day rolls seamlessly into another so that days even lose their names at this current time.

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SoS 2/5/20

Before I start, happy birthday to SoS and congrats to Mr.Propagator for starting the whole thing three years ago. It’s been such a bonus for me, watching and learning about different shrubs and plants and meeting gardenaholics. So thank you, Jonathan!

My  pics today are from earlier in the week  when it was springlike and sunny. Today, on my end of the globe, it’s wet, windy and chilly with frequent little cold cells drifting across the radar and preventing any outdoors activity at all – something I don’t take kindly to.

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Day Whichever, Whatever…

Lockdown continues, albeit quite fluid in my part of the world. We’re allowed to shop, to attend medical appointments and to go to work in those businesses that haven’t been shut down or opted to close. For me, life goes on. Nothing much changes except the freedom to do what I want whenever I want.

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SoS 10/4/20

This week on SoS, I’m offering two gardens.

The state of one is the direct result of Covid-19.

We’ve been in lockdown with borders closed for quite a while here in my state of Tasmania (Australia). If one had a shack anywhere, (a second residence on coast, rural or highlands), one could stay there for the duration of the lockdown, only venturing away for food, exercise and medical requirements.

It’s similar to the UK, I believe – Stay Safe, Stay Home.

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