A former journalist from Australia who graduated with majors in history and politics, I’m now a cross genre writer who is also a farmer, dog owner, gardener and embroiderer.

I didn’t plan to be a writer in those early days, I was far more a reader. But like most writers, I’ve always written – seeing the world through the medium of the word. It was inevitable that I become an independent writer simply because I love being at the cutting edge of something and together with many other ‘indies’, being at the forefront of the New Age of Writing and Publishing is like being a sea captain in the Age of Exploration. And I’ve been fortunate – winning gold medals, silver medals and honourable mentions for my work and to have them ranking unbroken in the UK for their entire published life!

I try to make time for other things in life. I love wine, chocolate and cooking delectable cakes and biscuits. I mess about in my gardens, dirt under the fingernails and a plant catalogue alongside a cup of tea. I stitch (I love needle and silks) – to wind down. I walk (a lot) with the Jack Russells but more than anything, I like being on beaches, boats or the water – being by the sea is implicit for my writing to sing.


Prue Batten


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Alter Egos and new identities…

In a writer’s case, a nom de plume.

In conversation with writer Ann Swinfen, she tells this story;

‘The fourth writes romance and was dumped by her publisher. She was taken on by another, but only on condition that she write under a nom de plume, with a totally invented biography..’


It prompted me to not just wonder at the odd ethics of the publisher, but to wonder what I might call myself – other than myself. And not just that, what biography I might create for my new persona. Goodness, one could almost write a book about said fictional person!

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Diverting grief…

I haven’t blogged much lately as you can see if you look back.

Part of the reason is Mum’s passing, and working one’s way through life with Grief sitting on the shoulder does tend to take up time…

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In a recent interview, I was asked whether I visited the sites in my stories. Living in Australia, I’m many air-miles from the sites about which I write, and the cost of visiting those places annually would send me into debit rather than credit with my friendly financial institution.



What to do?

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Tobias is finally available.


After 12 months of learning about Byzantium, about trade and icons and the venality of man – my beloved Tobias is ready to sing his great chanson de geste…

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Claire’s Slice…

Not long after Mum died, I was mucking around in the kitchen and I contrived (for want of a better word) a chocolate slice. My husband and I liked it and so I named it after Mum because kitchens and cooking were one of her favourite things…

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