A former journalist from Australia who graduated with majors in history and politics, I’m now a cross genre writer who is also a farmer, dog owner, gardener and embroiderer.

I didn’t plan to be a writer in those early days, I was far more a reader. But like most writers, I’ve always written – seeing the world through the medium of the word. It was inevitable that I become an independent writer simply because I love being at the cutting edge of something and together with many other ‘indies’, being at the forefront of the New Age of Writing and Publishing is like being a sea captain in the Age of Exploration. And I’ve been fortunate – winning gold medals, silver medals and honourable mentions for my work and to have them ranking unbroken in the UK for their entire published life!

I try to make time for other things in life. I love wine, chocolate and cooking delectable cakes and biscuits. I mess about in my gardens, dirt under the fingernails and a plant catalogue alongside a cup of tea. I stitch (I love needle and silks) – to wind down. I walk (a lot) with the Jack Russells but more than anything, I like being on beaches, boats or the water – being by the sea is implicit for my writing to sing.


Prue Batten


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Cheap decorating…

Those who know me as a historical fiction writer, also know me as a beach lover and someone who spends much time walking on beaches up and down my coast. Sometimes I just daydream about whatever I’m working on at the time. Sometimes I just live in the moment. And sometimes I become an interior decorator because living by the sea, one doesn’t have to spend a fortune on trendy decorating pieces…

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Grief is such an amorphous and difficult thing to grasp.

At some point every single one of us will grieve for something – a loved one, a pet, a job, a house, the ending of a relationship, even the conclusion of writing a book!


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Tough week…

Been a pretty tough week in my neck of the woods this week. So what sustains me?


The dogs…

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It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s raining outside.


What to do after one has exchanged chocolates with the love of one’s life?

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(Note: this post contains spoilers of  The Gisborne Saga.)

Most of my reviews are excellent, between 4.5 and 5 stars, but recently a reviewer  remarked of Gisborne: Book of Kings that the ending was twee. She still gave me a high star ranking for which I am very grateful, but I’m guessing she didn’t like the way in which the story was resolved…

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Surf’s Up…

 What does one do in January, albeit the end of the month, and one’s eyes are tired from writing and the weather is disastrous, cold and so very NOT summer?


One hops in the car and heads up the coast to wave-watch…

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