In a past life, I was a journalist/researcher who originally graduated with majors in history and politics from the University of Tasmania. But I’m now a cross genre writer who is also a farm-partner, dog owner, gardener, embroiderer and chief cook and bottle washer.

I’ve been fortunate – winning gold medals, silver medals and honourable mentions, a few samples of which are illustrated below. My list has also ranked almost unbroken in varying categories on Amazon.co.uk’s Top 100 e-books for almost its entire published life – in some cases, three years. That fact makes me pinch myself in disbelief quite often!

As a writer, I’ve been featured periodically in the Huffington Post and been interviewed on radio a number of times by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In addition, I have a wonderful collaborative relationship with Bopress Miniature Books in the USA, writing short stories for miniature publications that are highly prized by collectors the world over. Also, in the future I look forward to collaborations with some of the most exciting writers – something we have chatted about frequently. Gone are the days of writing in isolation!

Perhaps not so healthily, I like wine, chocolate and cooking sweet things for the family. I mess about in my gardens where my mind switches to neutral and where I have dirt under the fingernails. I embroider to wind down and I walk with my Jack Russell because we both love being outdoors. If I’m truly obsessive about anything at all apart from chocolate, it’s an inherent need to be near the sea. I think I just may have been a sea spirit in a past life…



Prue Batten


Please feel free to ‘like’ my Facebook page and my Pinterest page and to comment on my blog, and welcome to my books and my writing life…

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It’s a rainy day today.

My garden needs this, especially the herbs and veg which were considering turning their rooty toes up. Today, they are spritely and beaming at me as I look out the window.


More than any other year, this summer has given me a plethora of veggies in the garden and so I invested in the River Cottage Veg Book. And have we been eating flavoursome food?!

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A day in the life of…




Pickling walnuts. Imagine a slab of sourdough, some fruit chutney (maybe apple and almond or fig and onion) some delicious aged cheddar that bites one’s tongue and pickled walnuts on the top.  A thing of joy! 

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‘They sailed away for a year and a day…’

My love of boats began as a child and my attitude toward boats is rather like Ratty’s: that ‘there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats…’

But perhaps I should qualify that.


Whilst I love being on rivers and round the coast, the idea of tackling something like the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in the vicious Tasman Sea and Bass Strait is a step too far. Mind you, in my youthful late-teens/early twenties, myself and other friends all thought seriously about putting our names down to be the ‘Return’ crews, sailing the racing boats slowly back to Sydney. Ha!

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Time flies!

 Gosh! What a year it has been!

And how fast it has flown!

I wonder sometimes if it’s an age thing, that time flies because one is on the downhill run…

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Books I’ve read in 2016…

I’m a very slow reader of fiction.

Partly because I spend a great deal of time reading non-fiction for research. For time off, I either embroider or tumble into bed exhausted at night and manage just 3-4 pages of the fiction novel I might be reading.


 I haven’t counted the books I’ve read this year and will just list those in my library which appealed the most to me as a reader and writer. I’m not a believer in listing books which have not been what I had hoped or which I was unable to finish. I think it’s unfair to the author who may well by liked by many other readers and who has a brand and who has worked hard to pull off a good novel. Reading ‘likes’ are completely subjective and so below is my very subjective list…

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Solitary Confinement…

Sometimes life is for escaping from.

Sometimes it’s for escaping to.

Today was the latter…

Very early this morning, the men decided to go fishing and being totally uninterested in the hunter-gatherer thing, I asked if they could drop me at Maria Island.

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